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My artistic work covers different kinds of pain interpretations, including the physical, mental, or emotional afflictions. These interpretations may be inspired by research in science, philosophy or dreams, that can produce positive or negative conclusions. 

I use diverse plastic techniques, because each project requires a specific medium in order to achieve the proposed concept. I work sculpture, digital images, collage, video-performance, prints and tattoo, although I develop drawing and painting mainly.

About the guiding thread of mi artwork, either it is the case of isolated pieces or series, the different techniques and interconnectivity respond like a constellation or rhizome. In other words, like a constant expansion association.

My motivation, on one hand, is to find arguments, founded and inspired in investigations of diverse fields, about the events that disturb us as humanity.

On the other hand, I also look for answers to existence through the analysis of the aesthetic compositions that I execute without a previous process planning.

Above the visual aesthetic, the refined technique, the pain and the vibrating rhythm existing in the work of the artist Ana Minerva, her genuine purpose is to open a conversation with the spectator, searching questions that have never been formulated and answers that have never been achieved.

By means of figurative elements in a world created by Ana, it is developed a dialogue that comes to life between virtue and anguish that takes us to deeper interpretations of our reality.

Gabriel Tinoco; Tlapali Art Gallery


Listen to my last interview in the radio show ''Acento Latino'' at M21 Radio (Spanish)

Escucha mi última entrevista en el programa ''Acento Latino'' de M21 Radio del Ayuntamiento de Madrid:


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